What is goal or Passion ??????


“How would Sachin Knows he was good at cricket only ?”

From the school onward i was wonder what is passion or goal. teachers used to tell everybody have to set goal and try to achieve. even successful people also spoke about How they achieved ? and what is motivation ?, But nobody will tell How they chosen the  that Goal.

Your Interest(s) or good at ?

partially agree, But what if a person is interest(good at) in more then one things. How  have to choose ?  when have to decide ?

Some may say choose your interest which will give success early ? But,  Later you realized that is not your passion, Then what You Do ?


Finding your inner talent and interest is the biggest challenge. Most people spend time for That one only. Very lately they will found and But surrounding people stop them.

This may be your Thing.

Based On This You may found your passion(The thing).

  1. The thing that You love to discuss about others.
  2. The thing That you love to spend time.
  3. The thing That you get dreams at night.
  4. The Thing That gives More Happiness when some one appreciate Your work on that thing.
  5. The Thing that you Forgot to eat,sleep,.
  6. The thing that You Forgot yourself.


Finally, if you did n’t found true passion yet ? no worries .There is no age limit finding Your true passion. Do n’t compare  with Others. because this is your life.